Joe Biden's Administration is Not On Our Side

  1. Joe Biden began his role as POTUS by way of rigging a United States general election with the help of Klaus Schwab (founder of the World Economic Forum(WEF) [and] the Forum of Young Global Leaders(YGL), both of which are foreign NGOs based in Switzerland with satellite offices in numerous nations) and Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Facebook/Meta and member of the YGL).
    1. The top 800 global corporations are members of the WEF, via their CEOs, founders, presidents, board members, and other high level executives. Combined, they account for most of the total wealth in the world today. These executives serve the purpose of serving as proxies for Klaus Schwab, and therefore, he controls them when it comes right down to it.
    2. Many WEF members and/or YGL members are heads of state within their respective nations. This means that in many countries around the world, their President or their Prime Minister, or in some cases, their Monarch ruler of their country's royal family are members of Klaus Schwab's NGOs. In a nutshell, these people are also the proxies of Klaus Schwab.
    3. There are many YGL members who are also embedded within other high level government positions in many nations around the world. This is by design and it hasn't necessarily been a natural occurrence. There are only 1400 YGL members in the entire world, yet they hold numerous elected and appointed positions in numerous nations. Positions which exert a great deal of control over those nations and the people who live within their borders. The odds of this being a natural occurrence are astronomically opposed to that possibility, it simply isn't the case.
    4. The reason Joe Biden helped to rig the election for Klaus Schwab is because Klaus Schwab was ready to implement his plan to destroy the Western world as we have known it since the end of WWII. Donald Trump couldn't be controlled because he can't be bought, he has all the money he needs.

      Because of that and the fact that he caused an extensive amount of damage to their plans they had been quietly executing over the course of more than three decades already, they were not going to tolerate another four years of Donald Trump doing things that were actually good for the people in this nation as well as for the rest of the world.

      Trump was correct, the things he had been addressing in his first term were broken but it wasn't on accident, it was mostly by intentional design on the part of these globalists It was because of the extensive damage Trump had caused to the WEF's and the YGL's sinister plans for the world that they decided to do what they had to in order to rig a U.S. general election in 2020. And so that is precisely what they did. For as many people who were knowingly involved as there were, it was actually quite an impressive success for them and their level of coordination is such that I never would have thought it could be done by humans. The corrupt nature of it however, is something I have come to expect from humans far more readily than I tend not to.

      I disagree with them that it was a success, but my bias is that I am a U.S. loving American citizen and native Texan, not a criminal like Joe and Hunter Biden are or a German Nazi era, German born current resident of Switzerland like Klaus Schwab is. He is also a fascist, by the way, that is what his NGOs advocate for, though they don't refer to it as fascism, because that word isn't very marketable for some reason.

      I lean toward believing what has been said about Klaus' dad being a weapons designer for Hitler during the Nazi era, considering Klaus was born in Germany in 1939 and ended up in Switzerland which isn't particularly a fascist nation, yet somehow Klaus is unmistakably fascist with what he advocates for, and based on his actions.
    5. Mark Zuckerberg put $400,000,000 of his own money into rigging the 2020 election for Joe Biden. He didn't quite put it that way, but he disclosed the dollar amount and stated that it was for the upcoming election, and in response to Senator Ted Cruz's question in a hearing I happened to be watching live when this was said. My jaw hit the floor when he said it not because it was about the election, but because it had nothing at all to do with what Ted Cruz had asked him about. I didn't have a clue at the time that the money was being used to stage an actual coup on the current US President's administration, but that is exactly what it was used for, and that is a fact. That will eventually be proven and even admitted to by the people responsible for it all, you can take that to the bank.
  2. You have to read between the lines on this one, but here is Joe Biden ordering Union Pacific to stop taking shipment orders from U.S. based fertilizer plants ahead of the spring planting season which will make it difficult at best for our farmers to get their hands on the fertilizer they need to ensure that our nation has an adequate food supply.
    1. CF Industries: Union Pacific Curtails Fertilizer Shipments, Delaying Deliveries and Preventing New Rail Orders from Being Taken
  3. He's already ended our energy independence that Donald Trump had only recently secured for the first time ever. On day one of his illegitimate presidency, he killed the KeystoneXL pipeline and he also dissolved the US/Mexico border on the same day.
  4. He has worked to sabotage our military by instituting mandated Marxist ideology by way of forced CRT training, and he has done all he can to purge the military of any conservative minded people that he can.
    1. He forced all military personnel to be vaccinated for COVID-19 regardless of how they felt about it and the Supreme Court failed to take into consideration that the COVID-19 vaccines were not actually approved by the FDA at that point in time, but rather were only authorized for emergency use, and the court ruled in favor of the Biden Administration. History will look down on the members of that SCOTUS for the poor judgment on the matter, which it was.

      Biden and his leadership at the Pentagon refused to allow for religious exemptions as well, and granted as few of them as they possibly could. If the service members didn't wish to take the vaccine they were informed that they would be dishonorably discharged.

      This affected service members who were very near to retirement and deprived them of their well deserved retirement for their long years of service to the United States and its citizenry. For reference, a U.S. Military serviceman or servicewoman must serve 20 years on active duty to obtain their retirement package. Numerous military personnel lost their retirements with only a few years to a few months remaining until they were eligible for retirement.
    2. The vaccine mandates upon the military served a specific purpose for Joe Biden, and that was to help him purge as many conservatives out of the military as possible in the least amount of time and without triggering an uproar from the general population in the U.S. It was somewhat successful in that regard if measured from Joe Biden's perspective as the traitor to the United States of America that he is. While Democrats continue to tow party lines, Joe Biden continues to deliver critical blow after critical blow to the nation that some of us actually do love and care about.
  5. He has done everything he could to destroy our longtime alliances with England and with France, and other European nations that we have long been friends with, as well as with Australia.
    1. Leaving them all hanging with his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal went a long way to begin that process.
  6. He sat on his hands when Hamas was firing rockets into Israel, and then when the rockets stopped, he sent several million dollars to Palestine, presumably so that Hamas could resupply their recently depleted rocket supply....
  7. He put us back into the Paris climate accords, which put most of the burden on the people of the United States, and without any burden at all being placed on the CCP and China.
  8. He's doing what he can to put us back into the Iran Nuclear deal, where we will be paying Iran while they continue to move toward obtaining the nuclear materials they need to be able to make nuclear weapons.
  9. He has weaponized the DOJ and FBI to target American mothers and fathers who attend school board meetings to oppose the indoctrination of our children by way of CRT and graphic sexual education. This is his attempt to protect a psychological warfare tactic that uses our own children as weapons against the future of this nation.
  10. He has attempted to pack the U.S. Supreme Court.
  11. He has attempted to end the U.S. Senate filibuster.
  12. He's attempting to weaponize the IRS to come after people with more than 600 in transactions in their bank accounts....
  13. He used coercive and threatening tactics against a sitting US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Gerald Breyer, in order to force him into early retirement so that he could select a Marxist ideologue to replace him, and he did so successfully.
  14. He has instigated a war with Russia, and did what he had to do to draw them into Ukraine.
    1. Now he's doing everything in his power to get Americans to get involved with this conflict in a way that will ultimately put us into real danger of nuclear war.
  15. The entire time all of this has been happening, he has left the US/Mexico border wide open allowing millions of people to pour into our country unchecked. There have been arrests made in every border state of people on the terror watchlist, and there have been arrests made in every border state involving thousands of pounds of fentanyl which is killing over 100,000 Americans a year right now.
    1. There have been during that time, 100s of 1000s of people who are marked as "known gotaways", which means they know the people got into our country without apprehension or processing.
    2. This means that there are almost certainly other people on the terrorist watchlists who have successfully gotten into our country and will no doubt attack us from right here at some point in the future.
  16. He has advocated for and done everything he could to pass trillions of dollars in legislation that he knew full well would result in major inflation, and has been successful in getting about 3 to 6 trillion of it passed. He's still trying to get more passed because he knows that the more he can get passed, the faster our economy will collapse.
  17. And the entire time he's been in office he has been deliberately doing all he can to disrupt world wide supply chains.
    1. This is yet another reason for the conflict in Ukraine.
  18. Oh, and let's not forget all the times he has deliberately tried everything he could to stoke the fires of racism in this country, something that he knows full well will cause violence to break out. He has done this numerous times since he's been in office. He has deliberately attempted to incite violent outbreaks across the country.
  19. Joe Biden and his appointees and confirmed nominees to various powerful government positions have on a number of occasions publicly disclosed information about activities and/or subject matter that should not be disclosed publicly as doing so compromises U.S. national security in some way, shape, or form, or in some cases, it makes our nation seem to be weak and incompetent to the rest of the nations on earth, especially our adversaries.
    1. The first time Joe did this, to my knowledge was when he had a list of about 16 different infrastructure areas that are critical to American citizens' ability to live life from day to day, all of which are vulnerable to cyber attack even from remote foreign actors. He then disclosed the list in a manner in which he knew would result in Russia and Vladymir Putin absolutely seeing it.
    2. The next one I recall was Joe Biden making the statement that the Taliban wouldn't be an issue and wasn't in a position to take over Afghanistan.
      • This gave them several reasons to do all they could to make sure they did what he said they wouldn't, and that is exactly what they did within a matter of days from the time Biden made the statement.
    3. During the Afghanistan withdrawal, Joe Biden did numerous things to our nation which delivered critical blows to every single one of us, whether Democrat or Republican, it isn't a partisan issue.

      In addition to abandoning Bagram Airbase which was a multi-billion dollar state-of-the-art military facility that is unparalleled in the entire world, and also abandoning over $80 billion in advanced military equipment and advanced weaponry, as well as abandoning countless SIV holders who assisted U.S. personnel during that entire conflict who had been promised admittance into the United States if we ever left Afghanistan, and then ditching our oldest and most loyal allies without helping them get their people out of harm's way and refused to even talk to Britain's Prime Minister when he begged the traitor Joe Biden to move the withdrawal date deadline, Joe Biden left behind everything the Taliban would need in order to track down and capture all of the people who had risked their lives for 20 years helping us in Afghanistan and without whom our mission there would not have even been possible.

      This even included a full electronic database of biometric information and data to positively identify each and every one of them because the facilities these SIV holders worked in were accessed using this biometric data, and those facilities are now in the hands of the Taliban who are as hostile towards these SIV holders as anyone could be, and it means that if captured, death is almost certain for them.
    4. U.S. General Milley told his CCP counterpart in China that the U.S. had no plans to take any military action against China and that if we did, that he [Gen. Milley] would call them and let them know that we did.
    5. Numerous times throughout the current conflict going on in Ukraine with Russia, U.S. officials, diplomats, and news sources have disclosed publicly the things the U.S. is doing and what the extent of our involvement is in this conflict that we have no business being involved in to begin with. This has been a deliberate escalating on the part of Joe Biden in his effort to antagonize and provoke the Russian president, Vladymir Putin. If it weren't a deliberate attempt to do this, then this information would not have been made public as it has been on many occasions, it is literally the only purpose disclosing this information could possibly serve.
    6. The U.S. Secretary of State and the U.S. Secretary of Defense had a planned meeting with the Ukrainian president in Ukraine (which is currently in a state of open war with Russia), and the details of that meeting were disclosed publicly prior to it taking place. The only purpose doing so could possibly serve is to attempt to provoke Russians to try to bomb or otherwise attack the area where the meeting was to take place. It didn't happen, but this information should not have been disclosed publicly until at least after the meeting had been conducted.