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Profile - About Me - Whatever....
Just a brief background on the guy behind this site.
As I'm sure you have guessed by now, my name is Casey. I'm a native Texan and also a resident in Texas as well. I have lived in Louisiana in the past, and I love both states and consider them both to be my home because I've poured my heart and soul into both over the years I've been around hanging out on Earth.

I'm a little over 40 years old, once divorced but have been with my real wife (Brandy) now for several years and still love her as much now as I did when we were 15 years old. I have two biological kids who both live with me, and she has a few who live here on occasion. I consider them all my kids, treat them all the same when we're all together.

I'm a computer programmer, a draftsman in mech. engineering, a CNC programmer, a website designer, a network tech/engineer, a computer repair & electronic repair tech, a graphic designer, an artist (draw and paint on canvas), an automotive mechanic, and an A class machinist.

I'm experienced with a chainsaw, power tools and saws, and I can build things as well as design them. I can also fix just about anything that is electrical, mechanical, or electronic, including soldering and de-soldering components on circuit boards when that is possible.

I'm experienced with shotguns, rifles, and pistols. I know how to hunt, I know how to field dress an animal and have cleaned a fair share of rabbits and squirrels, but I prefer to fish rather than hunt. If I'm hungry I'll do either, and in a spot, I'd eat a leftist's dog or cat and wouldn't lose a wink of sleep over it.

I have always kept myself busy, and I'm always learning. I watch very little TV and rarely spend a moment awake when I'm not working on something or working on learning something.

Political Ideology
Conservative Libertarian

My Personal Political Views

My political views are actually quite simple. I don't always agree with the GOP and I don't always agree with the Democrats. I don't even always agree with the Libertarians.

Honestly, political parties have destroyed this country to the point where we now find ourselves on the verge of losing everything the founders fought and died for, and established for themselves and their posterity (us).

The very idea of partisan politics begins everything involved with it by dividing people into opposing groups of like-minded individuals who have different poltical ideologies than the individuals who make up the opposing groups. In a united nation, how do we expect to survive as a nation if we begin our efforts for doing so by being divided? That is an effort that is, by design destined to eventually fail, which is what I believe we are beginning to see right now.

The U.S. Constitution was specifically designed to be simple, and that is so that it could be easily understood by anyone who can read. If you have a different interpretation of it than I do, that's fine, but I believe you are wrong and that you are not being honest with others or with yourself.

Words mean what they mean, and I am not willing to allow you to change the meaning of those words to suit your own politcal agendas. I'm also not willing to allow you to take away from me what was passed down to me by every American generation before me, and I will fight and I will die to keep you from doing so. Keep that in mind. And also keep in mind that I guarantee you that I will die in this world with the exact same level of freedom that I was born into this world with. I will not live a single day in the United States of America without my Constitution, and I'm 100% sure of that.






One of My Kids
My Youngest
Regarding Big Tech
My Prayer for Big Tech is This:

May you find your way into a never ending land full of server killing fork bombs and suffer endless hours of lost productivity and futile efforts resulting in absolutely nothing beneficial for yourselves or anyone else for all eternity. And may your bank accounts find never ending red. Amen.

Political Discrimination, The Party of Hate and Inolerance
The Politcal Left's Persistant Hostility Toward Conservatives:
Persecuted, Attacked, Lied About, Accused of Things We Didn't Do...

A Brief Word On Social Media

I did use Facebook at one time and had an account for well over a decade, up until September of 2020 when some inconsiderate pricks, both at Facebook and a Facebook user decided that I wasn't worthy of using the Facebook platform any longer. Why? Because I was helping in Louisiana with the cleanup following Hurricane Laura and I discovered that a Facebook group related to the storm effectively killed the social media reach for the entire affected area of the storm's wake-zone. For a long time I wasn't sure if it was intentional, but at this point I feel like it was, and that people at Facebook actually had something to do with it as well.

It was a brilliant way to get that job done too I might add. I mean it worked flawlessly and it wiped out the social media reach for everyone, including news stations, and over 100,000 people in that group alone were just completely taken out of the pool of people who could have oherwise been getting the word out about storm related matters. On top of that, they did it in such a way that nobody even noticed what they had done, nor did they even sort of understand the implications of it either. I am the only one at this point whom I know who actually realizes exactly what happened over there with that group, and the extra suffering that it caused people as a result of it.

I tried to fill people in, but nobody would hear me, so I was like, hey, if none of you care fine. I'll go back home to Texas when I'm done helping yall cut trees and I'll sit my happy ass in some AC and take hot showers, and I'll turn a blind eye to the fact that you're all using social media and not a single one of your posts has any chance whatsoever of going viral; 100% sure it can't happen, and at best some of your posts might trickle out of Louisiana at a snails pace.

What do I know, I'm just a web designer and a computer programmer, and have used social media since it emerged on scene. This is exactly why I have a full week's worth of t-shirts that make it clear that I'm the "Village Idiot"

Following That Incident:

I had created another Facebook account after all of that, at least for a little while, and then out of the blue, Facebook and Twitter both began censoring people who hold conservative views and even began deplatforming people for expressing their opposing politcal views to most, or maybe even to all of the employees at those companies, including the CEOs/Owners. Once they had pretty much quit caring whether or not people knew they were doing this, other giant tech companies joined in on the attack on conservatives, including Apple and Amazon.

Google had already been doing their part and while it isn't as visible as all of the others, the blow that Google delivered to conservatives is likely the one that had the biggest impact. That is in large part due to the fact that they weren't necessarily actively doing something to conservatives, they were actively not doing something for conservatives by using AI and algorithms to omit search results regarding conservative topics. I don't know a single person who wasn't using Google's search engine at that point in time.

I no longer use their search engine but it will be a minute before I can get away from the 500 other Google services I use and depend on, and some of which I've been actively using since around 2003. That is definitely a work in progress because I am not going to pay someone for services so they can actively discriminate against me for my political views and actively attack me using money I've been sending to them for a really long time. At least not without any repercussions whatsoever.



The News as You Once Knew it is Dead
A short video which explains our current situation

Sharyl Attkisson's opening statement in a recent U.S. Senate oversight committee, the Homeland Security Committee and that committee's oversight of Justice Department and FBI misconduct that has become the standard operating procedure within those organizations.
Ninety Percent (90%) of All News Outlets in the United States
Are Controlled by Just Six(6) Corporations
White House Press Secretary - Kayleigh McEnany
Briefs the media on media bias...
A Word from Dan Bongino - The Dan Bongino Show
In regard to the mainstream media, or 'legacy media' in the U.S.


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