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Americans, Allowing Joe Biden to take Control of the White House was an Epic Mistake...

Sunday, May 7, 2023
By: C.M. Jones

The threat that is the Chinese Communist Party has arrived and taken root in the Western Hemisphere, thanks to Joe Biden. Joe Biden is the first POTUS in 200 years who has not enforced the "Monroe Doctrine", and because of that, all United States residents are less safe now than they were when he took office. Americans at home in the United States of America are less safe in the United States of America than any who are living today ever have been.

For the first time in any of your lifetimes, a foreign adversary is going to have the ability, should they choose to attempt it, to invade this country by land, air, or sea. If they do attempt it, expect invasion to be comprised of all three, and expect Joe Biden to stand down our military and simply allow them to come right in. If that happens, it will be a slaughter, and personally, I believe that this is what both Joe Biden and Xi Jinping are planning on doing in the very near future.


Who is this invasion force meant for if not the United States of America? There isn't another nation on earth that Xi Jinping is worried about at all, and he now has the only military in the world that rivals or perhaps even surpasses the capabilities of the U.S. military.

Monday, March 28, 2022
By: C.M. Jones

A brief Introduction on the Most Pressing Issues of My Own Lifetime:

Never thought I'd see a day where a sitting POTUS attacked his own country from that office, but then, Joe Biden.

I have decided to make some changes to this site because the most important thing I can do is draw as much attention as possible to Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Forum of Young Global Leaders (YGL), and the Global Shapers, which are all NGOs founded by Klaus Schwab and used for various purposes. This is something I have actually been doing for the entire time I've been researching this topic, I just haven't been doing this on my website so much. That changes today and will remain the main subject matter on this website until we either win or we lose this war we are in right now.

I have one goal in writing everything that follows this statement, and that is to wake people up so at least they have the option to defend their freedom and their liberty that are being threatened and actively under attack right now. If you don't get into this fight and fight back, you are going to lose everything about the United States of America that you hold most dear, because right now there are global actors who are doing everything within their power to literally take these things from you. Most Americans don't even realize this is happening, but it is happening nonetheless. My goal is to kick your beds until you wake up and realize the assault which is taking place and once I've done so, the remainder is up to you. So please read the following content and act accordingly, because your future and the future of your kids and your grandkids all depend on how you react to what you are about to read.

Who is Doing this to Us?

The Silent War Against the Commoners of the World...

For over three years now I have been researching Klaus Schwab and his NGOs based out of Switzerland and steadily for three years I have seen time and time again that what I believe that I'm seeing and what is happening are in fact the same things. Nothing about this is a "conspiracy theory", it is literally a conspiracy and it can easily be verified just by doing some basic research of readily available information regarding all of it. What these people who are affiliated with these organizations are up to and have been for over three decades at the time of this post, is all bad for the commoners of the world and good for the big global corporations and Klaus, and a handful of "special elites" who have all appointed themselves as our unelected future masters.

The strange thing is that Klaus and his goons at the WEF and the YGL have been at this for over 30 years already, quietly planning out a way to take over the entire world since the WEF was founded in 1971, yet I had never even heard of any of his organizations until some point in 2018, which was by complete unexplainable freak occurrence on Twitter. I'm not going into detail about that right now, just know I've been at this for a while now and I am very well educated on Klaus, countless people and corporations that are associated with him and his NGOs, and with the plans that they have for all of us peons who weren't even offered a place at the table where these decisions have been quietly planned out in great painstaking detail by hundreds of people involved for several years. Not once did I ever hear a single one of these tyrants make a peep about all of their toiling and back-breaking efforts in Switzerland over the years. These people, many of them, are household names that every US Citizen who uses a computer or the internet, or a smart phone knows well. The companies involved are very well known too.

Klaus Schwab is the most powerful human being on the planet, to my knowledge. If there is someone giving him orders, that person or those people remain hidden and that is no doubt by design if any such person does, or any such group of people does in fact exist. I can tell you this however, that not only does Klaus Schwab have influence over many of the western nations of the world reaching all the way to the highest political office in a substantial number of them, but the ones he has this direct influence over includes the United States of America through one of his many proxies and in our case, Joe Biden.

A Quick Bit About Avoiding Being Used as a Tool by these Tyrants:

You're on Track to Learn a Hard Lesson about Towing Party Lines...

But in reality, this has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with being an American, whether or not you are a citizen makes no difference at all in the end. What matters is whether or not we still have a nation and if that nation still protects individual rights in the same way it always has once the dust settles from everything that is happening right now...

I will throw you a bone and point out some pitfalls for you, because if I'm not mistaken, highly educated liberals enjoy reading and learning, or at least that's what they've always claimed in the past. That type of behavior can't be observed in anything I've seen liberals say or do in the past five or six years though, at least. The Democrat party has been wrong about every single thing they have said and done for the same. And no matter how many times this is repeatedly proven, it's like the members of that party can't figure out how to change that fact, even if they see the answer right in front of their faces.

I can't just pick on the Dems though, because the level of corruption in Washington, D.C. is a blend of Democrats and Republicans alike, but that said I don't have a doubt that there are more Democrats on the wrong side of history here than Republicans. Personally, I don't trust a single damn one of any of them. I'd fire every damn last one of them in the entire city of D.C. if I had the power to do so for a day. There wouldn't be a familiar face within a hundred miles of that place if I had my way about it, in any government job that exists there, and things would change for how lobbyists conduct their affairs as well. We would be making, and strictly enforcing some very strict rules and there'd be some unbearable consequences for not adhering to them.

It is very unfortunate that our nation has fallen so far so fast, but right now we are about to lose it, and the world is going to lose freedom along with it when it falls if we are unable to keep it. Freedom and Liberty, the priceless heirlooms that our ancestors handed down to us entrusting it to us to protect them and hand them down to our posterity as they had done for us. Their generations all succeeded in safeguarding it and passing these down, and the generations living here today are in real jeopardy of failing in that same task that we were born into. It is just as unfortunate, the fact that the large majority of Americans don't even know all of this is happening. I assure you that it is happening however, and whether or not you believe a word of what I've said here so far is entirely up to you, but know this, if you don't heed this warning and reverse course, the world as you know it is about to change into something that you will not recognize, you will not likely enjoy living in, and you'll never likely get back even a small piece of the freedoms that you have known the entire time you've lived within the borders of the United States of America up until this point in time.

Mark my words. If you don't choose to listen it is your fault when you lose everything you hold dear because all you have to do is dig and you will find the facts if you are honestly searching for them. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but when it comes to issues such as this one is, there is only one relevant fact that matters and that is whether or not the people I've written about are actually doing what I'm claiming that they are. The facts back it up, I did not establish these facts, I simply uncovered them by doing painstaking and tedious research into all of this. I found them. The fact that I didn't establish what would and wouldn't be factual is completely irrelevant, but what is relevant is the conclusion that these facts should lead anyone to if they honestly search for them. That end-point is the very conclusions that I've come to and am currently drawing attention to. I assure you I'd rather be doing more things that would benefit myself and my family, but unfortunately the pricks who are waging this passive aggressive psychological hot war on us seem to get a sick kind of amusement out of all of it in addition to their hopes of all they mean to steal from us as well.

Take it or leave it, but I'm not going to argue with anyone about this because I've spent enough time in my life searching for facts and finding them that I know full well what is fact and what is fiction. For instance, there are two genders and it doesn't matter to me how much of a fit you throw about that, you being a tit-bag changes nothing in reality for either one of us at the end of the day. So please don't be a tit-bag.

There are a lot of liberals out there who like to belittle people who believe what I do about all of this, and write them off as conspiracy theorists, but the problem with that is that theories can't yet be proven and if they can, then they're not really theories any longer, they are reality. Facts are there to back up what I'm saying here, that actually makes me a conspiracy realist rather than a conspiracy theorist. The fact that you dismiss what I'm saying before you have done a lick of searching to see if what I'm saying is true doesn't make me the idiot upon your accusations of such. I don't have the ability to ignore facts, nor would I want that ability even if I could achieve it. Behavior such as that is detrimental to the survival of our way of life, and therefore it is counter-productive to anyone who loves the country we know as the United States of America and everything it stands for. To ignore the facts is equivalent to helping to destroy the very place we call home. Why on earth would anyone who lives here wish to do this?

No matter how many times you scream it or cry about it, no matter how much rage you vomit through your nostrils while throwing your tantrum or how projectile it is, if you don't look for the truth you are never going to find it and that my good friend makes you the idiot in any argument you attempt to engage me in regarding this topic. Don't be an idiot, and don't be an adult tit-bag, and above all, it would be very helpful if you would stop being a tool used by these tyrants to strip every American including yourself of the very freedoms which give you the ability to do so in the first place. There are a lot of people who don't particularly appreciate that and certainly are not asking you for it, so please conserve your energy because it is also easier to not be an instrument of your own destruction, I promise.


You Just Can't "Unsee" Proof of a Crime Once You See It

And there is no Shortage of Proof that the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election was Rigged...

I had already been researching the World Economic Forum by time 2020 rolled around but there were some puzzle pieces that were missing that had I known them at the time would have made it much more apparent then that the election was rigged. The key component, the most important in many ways, is the connection of the Forum of Young Global Leaders (YGL) to the World Economic Forum (WEF) and what the sole purpose of that organization really is and what its members' roles are for Klaus Schwab's overall plans for the world. The YGL are the main active element of Klaus' organization when it comes to what is happening right now. They are the ones who are actively wrecking governments across the globe on purpose, and they are the ones who are in positions in those governments which allow them to make a profound impact on their respective governments. Many of the YGL members are Prime Ministers, Deputy Prime Ministers, Presidents, High Court Justices, etc, so obviously what they want to do matters in their respective nations.

What I had recently become aware of by that time, was that Justin Trudeau was the Prime Minister of Canada and he certainly wasn't shy about making his affiliation with Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum known to the entire civilized world, as well as some kind of a global reset that he seemed to be involved in and very proud of as well. When it comes to Canadians however, he is just a flat out prick sometimes in the way he does things and the things that he says. Personally, I believe Trudeau realizes this and it simply doesn't matter to him, in fact, I believe he gets a thrill out of treating the people of Canada with contempt for no reason because in my opinion, Trudeau was born to be a tyrant and he's doing what he was born to do as I write this.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that for a U.S. Citizen and current resident in the great state of Texas, I know far more about Justin Trudeau and Canadian politics than I ever wanted to know and because of what Klaus Schwab is currently doing to the entire world right now, Canadian politics have been far more important in the grand scheme of things for me personally than the politics of Texas have been. Trust me, I find this to be just as bizarre as you might after reading that, but it is a bold new world that Klaus Schwab has been laboring to imprison us all in for the past few decades or so.

It was Justin Trudeau who was the reason that led me to begin to look at Klaus Schwab and the WEF to begin with, and that also led me to discover Joe Biden's connection to them, Mark Zuckerberg's connection to them, and numerous others' connections to them from all around the world whom had all just been handed down orders by Klaus Schwab in the Summer of 2020 to begin their attack on the world and to implement his Great Reset initiative.

Immediately following that very odd public announcement by Klaus Schwab, the Forum of Young Global Leaders members with very punctual synchronization began the overt attack on the entire western world without hesitation, the full scope of which wouldn't become clear to me for quite some time afterward. I'm actually not even certain that the full scope has been revealed thus far, but I can tell you that what I know at this point in time is extensive and it is massive so far.

In the months leading up to election day in the United States, which was November 3, 2020 that year, I had only just began following politics as closely as I used to prior to 2012. There wasn't a lot that I didn't know about what was going on in the United States political realm between 2001 and 2012. In those years I didn't know anyone personally who read any legislation at all, let alone the amount of legislation that I frequently read as it was being pushed through Congress on both the State and the Federal levels. I was far more informed of such things than anyone I knew in person, and back then I met with state legislators quite frequently as well, that is, during the course of my advocacy for people with disabilities.

I knew every detail about how legislatures operated and the entire process of how the bills make their way through those legislatures from beginning to the end of the process, and I even successfully helped some bills get passed into law. My efforts in that advocacy were non-partisan and I always kept my focus on one thing while doing that, protecting the rights of the individual who is affected by any kind of debilitating disability. This required that I completely disregard whether any given legislator had a (R), a (D), or an (I) following their names, or any other letter that might have been attached to their names as a suffix and political affiliation attribute indicating what party they were leaching off of.

The point in mentioning that is for you to understand this clearly, I know my way around politics and there is a damn good chance that I know my way around politics better than you believe that you do. I don't say this in a condescending way, so don't take it as such, rather I say it from a position of confidence in knowing what I'm talking about in every single bit of what I'm writing about here. What has been transpiring in this country for the past 5 or 6 years or so is in no way, shape, or form, politics as usual. It is absolutely imperative for you to understand this fact, and it is a fact, I assure you.

Right now, we are in a very dangerous time from a political standpoint regarding our freedom and our liberty, and based on what I have seen transpire in this short time period, I simply have nothing in all of American history to compare it to for reference because there isn't any such thing in American history that would serve such a purpose. After all, there isn't a documented time in American history that a politician worked with a foreign entity and global mega-corporations to not only influence a U.S. election, but to literally rig it in order to take away from a duly elected candidate for the office of the President of the United States what was rightfully his. That is what Joe Biden did in 2020, that is what I watched transpire and if you want to know who is responsible for this immoral and unethical atrocity of an event, you need look no further than Klaus Schwab, Joe Biden, and Mark Zuckerberg because these three individuals had the most involvement in causing this event to transpire than anyone else on earth from what I can tell.

Those three individuals certainly were not the only three involved however, it took many others who all knew exactly what was happening and who had planned it all out. It also took a vast amount of people in several U.S. states and in various important and powerful roles in those state and local governments to help facilitate all of this, and most of those people had no idea who or what exactly was behind this unprecedented effort, or how much planning and attention to detail had been put forth in order to accomplish what it was that they were helping to facilitate. For as sickening and disgusting as I find all of this to be, I also believe that the overall plan was absolutely brilliant. The people involved are very bright, just completely devoid of morals and ethics, and I'm sorry but those are not particularly the people that I feel should be in leadership roles within our nation's borders, not in any position a person could be elected to for that matter but especially not in the role of POTUS.

Right now, Americans whether they know it or not, are in a position that we have no provided provisions to remove ourselves from. We have a Commander in Chief who is actively working with a foreign entity to destroy our country from the highest elected office in our nation. The party that he's affiliated with refuses to acknowledge this and that party happens to be in control of Congress as well, and so they are enabling this complete destruction of our country by refusing to acknowledge or address this threat. This is being done purely for political reasons without any thought whatsoever to the fact that what is being done right now is going to destroy them as well as their political opponents and it is going to do so in a permanent way if something isn't done to stop it.

There's simply nothing and no tool we have at our disposal to deal with this because not even our founders imagined that someone would be allowed to assume the role of President of the United States who would actively try to destroy our country from that position. Of course, technically Joe Biden didn't win the 2020 election to begin with, and everything he's done has been lawless during the course of these events so the founders aren't at fault here for failing to provide a remedy for such an occurrence. We are at fault for not insisting that our laws be followed by the people who are supposed to be administering those laws.


UPDATE: 06.17.2022:

The movie produced by Dinesh D'Souza called "2000 Mules" uses the same exact type of forensic cellphone tower to device "ping" data that the FBI uses in cases that they build against criminals. This data and these pings are accurate to within centimeters of a device's location when that device replies to a tower and is recorded, and the IMEI number that is globally unique to its cellular device can only be in one place in the world at any given time, and that is wherever that particular device is.

There is only one difference between the investigation conducted for this film and one the FBI would conduct, and that is that the FBI has the authority to compel the communication companies responsible for a given IMEI number to provide the name of the owner of that IMEI tied to a certain device and its pings to towers.

It was this data along with official election surveillance camera video footage from cameras that had been placed specifically for the purposes of monitoring the mail-in ballot drop-boxes and their [D'Souza's team's] ability to know exactly which drop boxes to watch at precisely the time to watch the footage that allowed Dinesh D'Souza the ability to reveal so many of these "mules" as he refers to them. It also allowed them to isolate the NGO's (non-governmental organizations, or non-profit organizations) that were collecting the ballots and handing them to the mules in stacks to go make their drops at various drop-box locations.

His evidence he has collected would no doubt hold up in any court of law in this country, provided that court isn't compromised in some way. Why wouldn't it? It is the same exact methods and the same exact data type used by the FBI to convict people of similar or even worse crimes, such as the murder that D'Souza's team helped to solve using the same data and providing it to the FBI. If it is good to solve a murder and result in convictions, then it is just as good to solve the massive amount of wide-spread election fraud that occurred in the 2020 election that absolutely did result in altering the course of the election and its outcome.

A Recent Revelation about Governor Greg Abbott in Texas

Sunday, April 16, 2022
By: C.M. Jones

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is one of "Them"

He even has a profile on the World Economic Forum's official Website

In many cases, if you really dig you will find that people in your government whom you thought were trustworthy and doing the right thing really aren't as trustworthy as you believed. I've been irritated with Greg Abbott for several months because of the state of our southern border and the lack of action to do anything at all to stop the flow of illegal migrants. Why isn't the Texas border closed? It should be. We don't need permission from some lawless fake president in Washington, DC to do that, this is Texas, not DC!

If Greg Abbott really wanted to close the border, I assure you that he could. He has the power to do that but for some reason he has completely failed to do so for the entire time that Joe Biden has been in office. It is mind boggling if you're one of the people who feel that Greg Abbott can be trusted. I'm here to tell you now that he can't be trusted. He is intentionally sitting on his hands. He talks a lot of crap but does nothing, and I'll give you just one example.

Mr. Abbott recently made the public statement that he was going to put illegal migrants on busses and send them to Washington, DC. This was a deception on the part of this man, he literally lied to you in order to make himself sound tough on this issue. If you read the fine print however which nobody seems to have done, you will find that he is only going to be sending the illegal migrants who desire to go to Washington, DC to Washington, DC. I highly doubt that they are going to be dropped off in front of the White House or Congress when they arrive there at the bus station.

It would seem that Texas hasn't been spared of the corruption that is the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab. For those of you who aren't aware of this, Representative Dan Crenshaw is a YGL member as well. So both Abbott and Crenshaw are compromised and cannot and should not be trusted in anything they tell you. These people are wired to lie to you, you are beneath them and your purpose is to serve them. That is all you are to them. They do not serve you or your interests regardless of what they say to make it sound that way. They are wolves in sheep's clothing and as far as I'm concerned they literally work for Satan. Period.

I have archived both Dan Crenshaw's YGL page as well as Greg Abbott's World Economic Forum profile page on the Internet Archive so that there is an enduring record of these profiles for people to see if they question my reasons for saying what I've said here.

Here is a link to a grass roots reporter asking Greg Abbott if he would denounce the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab, and he absolutely would not simply say those words for some reason.


UPDATE: 06.17.2022:

I called it correctly. The migrants who wanted to go to Washington DC were allowed to go, not forced to go, and when they arrived there, they were dropped off almost directly in front of the Fox News building. I wonder why that happened? Hmmmm...


My thoughts and personal insights regarding Greg Abbott's response to the independent journalist who asked the question, as well as some thoughts on fascism and capitalism :

Would you have simply made the statement? I personally would have, but then I never would have been involved in the WEF to begin with because I have a fundamental disagreement with the principles behind fascism, which is exactly what the WEF promotes, they just call it "stakeholder capitalism" instead of fascism. Fundamentally, there is no difference between the two. Fascism is not even close to real capitalism, because capitalism doesn't attempt to force the markets to do things.

A prime example of fascism is what Joe Biden is presently attempting to do in regard to the fossil fuel industry as well as with electric vehicles. Joe believes that he can unilaterally get rid of the fossil fuel industry with the help of Klaus Schwab and the WEF, and the YGL, and that he is going to pull off rigging a U.S. election in order to get that done. He virtually has gotten away with that part and probably will thanks to corruption. However, he also believes that he can do all of this without the U.S. Congress first passing legislation to get rid of the oil and gas industry, and I just don't see that coming to fruition or if it does, remaining as Joe would like it to for very long.

He believes that he can force the markets to simply accept these extremely radical changes that are not even a possibility for most people in this country due to the fact that most people can't afford an EV even when there isn't Bidenflation that is out of control and unprecedented. They certainly can't afford such a vehicle during the economic atmosphere that Joe Biden is responsible for deliberately causing to happen and that we are currently drowning in, financially speaking. For those reasons alone the market is never going to pick up EVs as Joe believes that the more-intelligent-people-than-the-market-is over at the WEF are. They think far too highly of themselves and in reality they might have all the book smarts in the world, but not a lick of common sense between the entire damned lot of them and therefore useless to any major society on the face of the earth other than themselves..

The reason capitalists don't try to manipulate the markets or try to force them to do something is because real and true capitalists know and understand that you can't force the free market to do anything. People have tried many times over the centuries, and these attempts are documented failures, every last one of them save none. Never once have people ever succeeded in producing the targeted outcome they were after when they began that attempt to do so.

You would have to be able to to know the values of far too many variables, many of which are 100% impossible to determine ahead of time unless you are clairvoyant, which is the only means that a person could know such things You might, but. I don't particularly know too many clairvoyants, and I assure you that the market has never met one throughout the pages of recorded history either. If the market ever has, I missed it so please point me in the direction to study this freak and obviously obscure occurrence that I've never heard a single economist mention in my entire lifetime.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

By: C.M. Jones

What Has Joe Biden Done?

A short list of some of the things Joe Biden has done with his illegitimate time in the Oval Office.





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